Here are 5 Tips on Effective Call Answering

Here are 5 Tips on Effective Call Answering

Here are 5 ways to ensure that your customers get the best impression

1 – Answer within three rings. This can be difficult in a busy office, however, nothing is more frustrating for the caller than having to wait to be answered. Setting this guideline will ensure that your team aim to get to the telephone as soon as possible and the caller will begin their enquiry with a positive attitude

2 – Speak Clearly. Mumbled greetings and muffled information can be the source of major frustrations for callers. Ensure that you have the telephone positioned correctly to allow for clear communication, try to position the phone away from distracting background noise that could distract the caller or make it difficult to hear and pronounce all words to ensure that the caller can clearly understand you

3 – Avoid Slang and use professional language. Hiya mate, eh, and dunno are taboo, instead agree on a call script that ensures that all team members greet callers professionally. Identify your company name to reassure and guide the caller and use business appropriate language. For example ‘Good Morning Vican Connect, Sarah speaking how may I help?’

4 – Get To the Point. Whilst it is nice to offer a warm greeting and to chat most callers have a question they want to be answered or a person that they want to speak to in a timely fashion. Ensuring that you gather the information and deal with the request promptly will ensure that the caller is satisfied with the level of service received.

5 – Remain Positive & Professional. Even if you are having an awful day, are too busy or simply have no idea what the caller is talking about always remain professional. The caller does not need to hear any negativity and if in doubt advise the caller that you have noted their query: ‘let me find that out for you and come back to you’ rather than ‘I don’t know’ as it shows interest and a willingness to help.

If answering calls is something your team struggle with why not investigate into a telephone answering service. This will ensure that all calls are dealt with and that your callers first impressions is the best that it can be. Contact the team at Vican Connect today to discuss both permanent and ad hoc telephone answering solutions!