Whether you are a start-up business who need a new system or an existing company who want to update and to move away from traditional telephone lines, IP telephony or VoIP (Voice over IP), can put you in a strong position for the future.

There are many things to consider when choosing a telephone supply, from how many handsets you need, to choosing the right features for you and your business and even selecting a telephone number. But it doesn’t have to be a minefield! IP telephony enables you to benefit from lower costs, higher productivity and a tailored set up and here are some simple steps to choosing your new system

1 Consider what you need

Sounds simple but making a list of what you need is the most important step.  Consider how many people will need to use the phones, where you will be based and note any other elements that are important to your business Such as low all costs or assistance with call answering.

Should you already have service that you wish to move away from, make a note of your likes and dislikes so that you ensure to purchase a set up that works for you. By deciding what you need now you will ensure that you do not pay for more than you will ever need.

2 Don’t be tied down

Be aware of the length of any contracts and ask what happens if you want to expand or move.

It is critical if you are signing a longer term contract that your system is flexible to allow growth.  Consider the rate of change in your business; however do not underestimate what you and your business require as a reduction in productivity can be costly.

Make sure you know the outcome if your company moves to a different location as it is costly and can seriously affect your business if you cannot move your number with you.

3 Make sure you know how much your calls cost

Consider the average call you make, where it goes to and the duration.  If your calls are short and frequent then deals with cheap calls up to 1 hour are not beneficial.  Make sure that you are not paying call connection costs and that you calls are billed per second, not per minute.

4 Don’t get ‘bamboozled’ with jargon

As with any industry, the experts can over time abbreviate some of the frequently used terms. This is great for them but can be very confusing to someone looking into business telephone options for the first time.

Don’t allow industry terms or slang to confuse your decisions. Contact us today for your FREE Jargon Buster to understand terms such as VoIP, IP and ADSL.

5 Select the correct number for your business

Consider your marketplace and your average customer profile.  Ask yourself who your customers are, and whether you receive more business from the local area, or if your clients prefer to deal with a larger national company.  You may decide to have a local number, or a national presence may be preferable with numbers such as Manchester 0161, London 0208, Birmingham 0121 or Edinburgh 0131.