When choosing a telephone system one of the things to consider is your telephone number. Traditionally you would be allocated a number that corresponds to the area that you are based, such as 0161 for Manchester. However, it is becoming ever more popular for businesses to break with tradition and instead to use their number choice to their marketing advantage.

So how can you make your telephone number work for you? This comes down to your client base and who you are trying to reach. Consider the areas that you operate in now, new areas that you would like to approach and how easy it is for your customers to call you. Below is a list of number examples and how they can work to your advantage

0845 Not to be confused with a free phone number this is simply a non-geographical number. This is great if your customer base is UK wide and you do not wish to advertise just the area in which your office is located

03 A relatively new addition, the 03 numbers are the 08 alternatives for customers using their mobiles phones. 08 numbers are typically costly for mobile users and in some cases cannot be dialled. Instead, an 03 number provides the same anonymity of the 0845 range but allows mobile users to dial freely and, in some cases, to use their free contracted minutes rather than paying for the call.

01, 02 etc Area numbers are the tradition however with an internet based system such as Vican you can select telephone numbers for any area in the UK and not just where your office is based. This is brilliant should you find that a portion of your customers are based elsewhere and you wish to provide a more local presence in their area.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to make this decision straight away and additional numbers can be added at any time. With Vican Connect another number can be added to your package for just £3pcm! Speak to us today for more information.